Measuring Performance on Agile Projects

In this all-new webinar, Cutter Senior Consultant Alexandre Rodrigues will discuss how a shift in perspective and reassertion of some key principles of project management can make EVM a successful tool for managing performance on Agile projects. Rodrigues will discuss:

  • Why performance measurement is critically important to manage agile projects
  • Why EVM is ultimately the de facto universal method to measure performance in any type of project
  • The common, and the unique, aspects of applying EVM to agile projects
  • The key requirements for producing EVM metrics for an agile project in a practical manner
  • How EVM performance metrics can be used to support project management decisions that gear an agile project towards maximizing business value.

Rodrigues will also provide a practical example that illustrates the concepts, principles and proposed framework for implementing EVM in an agile environment and the basis for measuring performance and better managing projects.

What How to Measure Performance on Agile Projects
When Apr 5 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
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