How to Use EVM for Agile Projects

a 3-part webinar series
taught by Alexandre Rodrigues

The Earned Value Management (EVM) method is widely acknowledged as a complete and rigorous approach for projects with stable requirements, but is often presumed to be inappropriate for agile environments. However, logic and practice demonstrate that EVM can be applied to an Agile working process. The question is, how?

In this three-part webinar series, Cutter Senior Consultant Alexandre Rodrigues will demonstrate the processes that can make EVM a successful tool for managing performance on Agile projects.

  • Part 1: Wednesday, September 13, 12pm EDT
    EVM in Agile Projects - Part 1: The Planning Process: Developing the Baseline
  • Part 2: Wednesday, September 27, 12pm EDT
    EVM in Agile Projects - Part 2: The Control Process: Performance Metrics for Decision-Making
  • Part 3: Wednesday, October 11, 12pm EDT
    EVM in Agile Projects - Part 3: The Change Control Process: Updating and Maintaining the Baseline

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